De System is a CE Mark provider
De System is a CE Mark provider De System is a CE Mark provider De System is a CE Mark provider De System is a CE Mark provider
CE marking is an European conformity mark. CE marking on a product indicates that the product complies with legal requirement of European market. and the same can be sold with in European Union. CE Marking ensures that a product meets a minimum safety standard and product does not compromise with public safety.
CE Marking is also applicable for manufacturers located outside European Union if they want to place their product in European union. CE Marking requirements are mentioned in different EU directives.
CE Mark An Overview
De System
How can De System
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CE Certification Process
De system
- Decide Directive/s applicable
- Identify Harmonized Standards
- Ensure the product complies with essential requirements of Directive(s)
- Identify whether independent assessment or notified certificate is required
- Maintain technical file
- Prepare Declaration of Conformity
- Affix CE Marking on product per Directive
Free Sample Technical Construction File

Sample EC Declaration of Conformity

CE Certification Process

De System help you in:

- Deciding EU directive applicable
- Determinig EN standard applicable
- Arranging product testing for CE
- Making technical construction file
- Developing EU declaration of conformity
- CE certification by notified body
- Getting CE certificate.
- Arranging EU authorised representative
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De system provides ce mark / ce marking, ce marking either through ce mark notified bodies or through ce mark self certification. Being a ce mark certificationg company, we arrange service of eu authorized representative, make available all eu directives for ce mark, en standard for ce marking & ce mark label. We provide ec conformity services against eu legislation. Preparing ce mark technical file, arranging ce mark testing services, ce mark inspection, ce mark compliance, ce mark audit, preparing ce mark user manual, helping product placement in European union etc are services offered by your ce mark certification agency (De System). Any eu directive for ce mark- EMC directive, low voltage directive or medical directive- we are here to help you out. Delhi, India or European union we are at your doorstep. So if confused: how to get ce marking certification in India, ce certification in india, call us for fast and easy ce marking certification services. Contact us for ce marking for personal protective equipment, ce mark for pressure vessels, ce mark for gas appliances, ce mark for measuring instruments, ce mark for marine equipment- what ever is the product just tell us. 
'CE mark/CE marking your product's passport for European union'

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'Brief info of De System'
Let De System help you!   A world leading ce certification organization can provide you professional & reliable ce marking services.
CE Marking is also called passport for export activities because world's biggest market is Europe and all manufacturing companies wants to place their product in Europe. CE marking a mendatory mark / certification to place your ptoduct in Europe. De System asssist you in getting both notified CE Marking and non notified ce marking. De System has presence in India and other parts of Asia
We are provide ce marking for medical devices, ce marking for electrical products, ce marking for machines, ce marking for lift, ce marking for construction products, ce marking for wire & cable, ce marking for surgical equipments, ce marking for inverter and batteries, ce marking for valves, ce marking for windows and doors, ce marking for electrical equipments, ce marking for pressure vessels. ce marking low voltage directive, ce marking emc directive, ce marking in medical devices directive, ce marking for toys, ce marking machinery directive.

Our presence: ce marking in Delhi, ce marking in India, ce marking in Hyderabad, ce marking in Bangalore, ce marking in Mumbai, ce marking in Kolkata, ce marking in Ahmadabad, ce marking in Noida, ce marking in Ghaziabad, ce marking in gurgaon, ce marking in Faridabad, ce marking in vadodara, ce marking in Pune, ce marking in Gujrat. We offer you ce mark certificate in most competitive fee in India.
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